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By train through Vietnam - From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City | DW Documentary

A journey of about 1,700 kilometers. In Vietnam, the "Reunification Express" train travels from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. After the end of the Vietnam War, the destroyed line was quickly repaired, to help support the reconciliation of the people of North and South Vietnam.

The 32-hour journey through the Southeast Asian country is an opportunity to experience unique culture and take in breathtaking landscapes. The first stop is the Trang An Landscape Complex, a nature reserve that is home to Delacour's Langurs -- a very rare, endangered primate species.

From here, the journey continues south. The train crosses the Ben Hai River at the 17th parallel. This was the border between North and South Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, the bloodiest battles raged here. It is not far to Hue, which was the capital of Vietnam in imperial times. Here, the filmmakers disembark to attend a performance of the Royal Ballet.

Now, the train approaches the scenic highlight of the trip: the ride along the South China Sea takes viewers through the Ocean Cloud Pass, a climatic border between North and South Vietnam. In Da Lat, a motorcycle tour makes a short detour into the mountains before the trip ends the next morning in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon. The "Reunification Express" -- a symbol of reconciliation between Vietnam‘s North and South.

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Why The Last of Us is a Game-changer

Gamification of television is no news. But the the success of the game-adaptation of The Last of Us is taking that to a whole new level. Beautiful funghi are taking over the screens. And the Zombies that are inhabited by these strangely asthetic Cordyceps are to be tackled from a new perspective: the gamers view.

After franchising the comic and superhero Universes into an endless stream of blockbuster series, the time for a new generation of game adaptations seems to have come.

Not only does it offer a new favorite frame for future cinematographers.
It fills the game story blanks with a deep dive into human emotions in face of doomsday.Which has arguably gotten more palpable with the worldwide covid pandemic and Climate crisis close to the tipping points.

On this episode of Arts Unveiled, we take a look what could be the future of film - in the light of the Zombie Apocalypse Fever that The Last of Us has triggered.
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00:00 Introduction
01:58 The game almost looked like a film
03:15 Game and film productions are becoming similar
05:41 The zombie factor
07:11 "The Last of Us" made zombies prettier and more credible
08:45 Games are already part of our viewing habits
10:45 Games are now the entertainment business to beat
12:15 "The Last of Us" will start a game series explosion